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Photo - Steve BattelSteve Battel
Battel Engineering

Steven Battel has worked as an engineer and manager in multiple aerospace and scientific disciplines since 1977.  In 1990 he started Battel Engineering in order to provide engineering support and hardware development services to NASA, DOD, University, Homeland Security and Industrial clients.  Recent flight hardware development projects include flight electronic systems for the HST-COS instrument, Mars-Phoenix TEGA-MS sensor, and the Mars Science Laboratory SAM instrument.

In addition to hardware projects, Mr. Battel participates in numerous review and advisory activities on behalf of NASA.  He is a current review board member for the TDRS K/L, RBSP, SMAP, Navigator/TPF, SIM, HST-SM4, Aquarius, Orbiting Carbon Observatory, Solar Dynamics Observatory and JUNO missions.  Past services include membership on the HST External Readiness Review Team for SM-2, SM3A and SM3B, the AXAF/Chandra Independent Assessment Team, the TDRS-H/I/J Independent Review Team, the Mars Polar Lander Failure Review Board and JPL Genesis Failure Review Board.  He was also a technical review board member for the GLAST, GRACE, HESSI, MAP, CHIPS, IMAGE, AQUA, Contour, Cassini, Dawn, STEREO, New Horizons, Spitzer, MESSENGER, Deep Impact, CloudSat, Dawn and Mars Odyssey missions. 

Outside of NASA, Mr. Battel is a member of the National Research Council Space Studies Board and the SSB Committee for Earth Studies.  He has also served on several National Research Council Committees including the Committee ON Assessment of Options for Extending the Life of the Hubble Space Telescope and the NASA Astrophysics Performance Assessment.

Mr. Battel is a graduate of the University of Michigan and proud alumni of the SPRL engineering staff.  Prior to becoming President of Battel Engineering and following his tenure at SPRL, he worked as an engineer, researcher and manager at the Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory, UC Berkeley, and the University of Arizona Lunar and Planetary Laboratory.  He is the recipient of 27 NASA individual and group achievement awards including the NASA Public Service Medal.  He is the author or a co-author on twenty-two engineering and scientific papers and is a member of several engineering and scientific societies including Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, AIAA, IEEE, ASME, SPIE, OSA, AIP, SAE and INCOSE.

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